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At last – the perfect wedding guestbook GUARANTEED..!!

The Wedding Guestbook (TWG) is the simple choice for couples who seek a stylish & fun collection of thoughtful good luck messages & photos from all invited guests to cherish forever!

* family * friends * fun * forever *

* Fun* Family* Friends*Forever*

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TWG Guarantees

** Messages from EVERYONE and the PERFECT end product **

1. We recognise the importance of receiving messages from all your friends & family, so we reach out to your entire party for good luck messages and pics before and after the celebrations. Your professionally designed A4 Guestbook will seamlessly blend elegance, sentiment and fun to showcase the considered privately written messages and photos collected from ALL your invited guests including those of any family and friends that sadly cannot attend!

2. If, when you receive your guestbook, you notice a human error, we will of course redesign, reprint and resend it to you at no extra fees. No other alternative can offer such peace of mind!

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TEN Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Re-invented? Simply put, the ‘on the day’ message system commonly associated with traditional guestbooks and their alternative presents too many risks, so TWG has improved this legacy product to rid of these. We introduce ourselves to your guests many weeks before your wedding giving them the opportunity to send their messages and photos before or after your celebration! 

2. Really- what can go wrong with on the day options? – Where do we start? 

  • Sadly, most guests forget to leave messages

  • Rushed messages

  • Crude messages/pictures

  • People uncomfortable that their messages can be read or heard by others.

  • Ripped pages, drink spills and more…

3. Are you trying to replace our wedding album? – Absolutely NOT – TWG compliments your album! In fact, we connect with professional photographers to collect some hero high-res snaps for your guestbook’s covers. 

4. Is this a hassle for guests? Far from it! It offers your guests a flexible, enjoyable stress-free experience with an opportunity to incorporate a thank you message. Guests have fun with the photo(s). The privately-written messages will be more considered/heartfelt and meaningful.

5. Can I have a say on the design? Sure, we can discuss any design preferences such as matching your colour scheme with our fonts etc and where possible, matching any special stationary schemes.

6. When do we need to book this by as we haven’t got to our finishing touches yet? You can book whenever, but as we only work on two-three weddings a week it is a genuine ‘first come first serve’ offering secured only by a £95 deposit.

7. What would you need from us? Quite simply, your guest list 1-2 months before the day ideally in a spreadsheet format, in two columns listing the most important people in your lives from top to top bottom so we truly understand your guests and the order we print your messages. No longer do newlyweds have to suffer messages in any old 'higgledy-piggledy' order.

8. What if we damage or lose our guestbook? No problem at all. We keep all designs on file and would reprint your guestbook at a reduced cost.

9. When would we receive our guestbook? 3-5 weeks after your wedding

10. Ok, how much? Prices start from £295 (No VAT).

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