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The perfect wedding keepsake...

Stylish newlyweds can finally enjoy a professionally designed guestbook fitting of their big day; a souvenir fun-packed with well thought privately written "good luck messages" and photos from all friends and family.


The Wedding Guestbook eliminates all the problems commonly associated with the "on the day" message process: important loved ones forgetting to sign them, messages read by others, guests being rushed to write their messages, ripped pages, drink spillages, finger marks, rude sketches, unsavoury messages, and more...

* Fun* Family* Friends*Forever*

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Our Guarantee

Unhurried and privately 

written messages from ALL of your invited guests!

We recognise the importance of receiving messages from all your friends & family, so we reach out to your entire party for good luck messages and pics before and after the celebrations to deliver an elegant keepsake you'll treasure forever...

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How The Magic Happens

Initial Consultation

Get in touch to check our availability on your big day.

Share with us your daytime and evening party lists, letting us know who's who!

This will allow us to calculate how many messages will be required and therefore tailor your bespoke package.​

Start concentrating on other things whilst we get to work.

The Wedding Guestbook will start working on your project 3 weeks before your big day.

Your Guestbook will be delivered to you within 3-5 weeks of your wedding.​​

Why risk being disappointed with something else?

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